IR/To our investors
■Representative greetings

Keep pursuing "The service of the customer satisfaction"

When we stare fixedly the environment of the global market that changes rapidly and the Japanese market which shrinks, we have Corporate philosophy of entrepreneurial spirit that creates new service and new market and created market rise the whole that was able to include an existing market and developing business for construction in the better future. As an integrated service enterprise that has an advanced special area, for the customer satisfaction improvement,the business model who persists and is original is promoted,the customer's trust is obtained, the achievement of sustainable growth is assumed to be a basic policy. We will would like you to make value offered while walking with the customer for the achievement of the corporate philosophy. All employees adequately understand the business promotion situation from each aspect of the infrastructure, hardware, software, contents, systems, services finance, and We keep pursuing optimization by my best.

We ask stockholders to have warm support sequentially.

CEO Minoru Kataoka

■General meeting of stockholders/IR news

2007/06/30 We held the 1st ordinary general meeting of stockholders.
2007/08/01 We held the extraordinary shareholders' meeting.
2007/09/29 We held the extraordinary shareholders' meeting.
2008/06/30 We held the 2nd ordinary general meeting of stockholders.

■Stocks information/Composition of stockholders
 Stocks situation
Stocks total that can be issued 5,000 stocks
Issued shares total  590 stocks
Number of the stockholders
 Stockholders situation
Financing situation
Number of stocks
Establishment members 350 59.32
Business corporation(Talented person dispatch) 125 21.18
Business corporation(Management consulting) 15 2.54
Business corporation(Investment fund) 10 1.69
Individual stockholder(General investor) 40 6.77
Individual stockholder(General investor) 25 4.23
Individual stockholder(General investor) 20 3.38
Individual stockholder(General investor) 5 0.84
Total: 590stocks

■Stockholders composition according to owner          
■Regional stockholders composition

■Report on final accounts/Business reports

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